Vasthu Specialist

Isn't it amazing, that with limited resources and technology, ancient Indian architectures managed to build astonishing structures like Taj Mahal, Iron pillar in Delhi, Tanjavur temples, and Khajuraho.

The Vaidic social system and all its elements were based on logical reasons essentially required for the overall welfare of individual. This whole social structure was aimed at defining a proper system that creates synergy between cosmic energies and human shelter.

In Vaidic times, the scholars were well-versed with advanced scientific applications known as subhavaastu. After proper permutations and combinations of various elements involved in building construction, suitable directions for everything related to building can be effectively drawn.Each guideline described in Vastu Shastra is strongly backed by the scientific causes and vivid impacts of natural powers are also explained.

Vastu specialist should not look for opportunities of earning from the residents. In the same way people who seek genuine vastu consultancy should not expect such services go unrewarded for free advice would eventually become cheap advice which does not help the need to have close friendship of vastu specialist and the residents.

Vasthu Sastra, the Indian art of architecture is responsible for all this. Vasthu Sastra not only deals with complicated mathematics of building dimensions, but also helps to improve the quality of life. A vasthu expert will analyze different environmental,ecological, geographical, historical, and cultural aspects of a place before construction.

Vasthu Sastra can explain the reasons in a scientific manner, without bringing any supernatural arguments. This is what makes Vasthu Sastra reliable and convincing.

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